Kitchen Renovations with Antoniou Cabinets: What Can You Expect?

August 25, 2022

Men will be in your kitchen for a few weeks, perhaps longer, as they don’t inform you. When it comes to kitchen remodelling, this is the dirty little secret. There are several reasons why individuals who have just had their kitchens redesigned don’t like to talk about this. Remodelling kitchens necessitates this, and kitchen contractors are aware of the impact on everyday life and will not leave you without water or access to your kitchen throughout the process.

To help you better plan for a kitchen redesign, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Have A Plan in Place, and Plan It Well

The first thing you need to do is look for a contractor. They will help you determine the scope of the project as well as create a budget for it. During this stage of the process, you will select all of the finishes, including the style of the cabinets, the countertops, the backsplash, the appliances, the flooring, and the colour of the paint. Because the planning of the style and layout of your kitchen is rarely a one-step process, you shouldn’t expect to have it precisely the way you want it all at once in a single attempt. It’s a process that develops gradually over time and continues to transform as you work to perfect it. It is a good idea to spend some time thinking about an idea to see how it feels and how it fits in with the designs of your kitchen. Check to see if the arrangement works well with the way you do things in the kitchen.

It May Have to Take Some Time

To a far greater extent than with any other job, this will be determined by the magnitude of the renovation work that lies ahead of you. Are you doing a full-scale remodel of your kitchen from the ground up, or are you just making some cosmetic adjustments? Discuss with your contractor a reasonable schedule for when they think they will be finished, bearing in mind that many estimates range from six to twelve weeks. In addition to this, any upcoming holidays will be taken into consideration as well.

Get The Right Materials You Need

After you have perfected the layout of your kitchen and have everything planned out, the following step is to place an order for all of the necessary items. It is very vital to make sure that you pay attention to every detail and order everything that will be required. You don’t want to allow your contractor to get busy on someone else’s project during the delay and then put your project on the back burner, but not all delays are controllable. If you miss something and have to reorder it, it can cause your remodel to be delayed quite a bit, sometimes by weeks.

As Expected, There May Be Delays

Unanticipated delays are another aspect that requires preparation and should be anticipated. Unexpected delays that are beyond the control of the contractor can, and usually do, occur in almost every job. These delays can be caused by things such as out-of-stock materials that are on backorder, faulty existing construction that is discovered that needs to be brought to code that couldn’t be seen or known about until after walls or floors are opened up after the remodelling project has already gotten underway, or weather delays, to name just a few of the things that could cause delays that are beyond the control of the contractor.

If you go into the process of renovating your kitchen with an idea of what to anticipate and how to prepare for it, you can make the whole process feel less daunting and stressful, and it can even be an enjoyable and exciting experience. It is important to maintain a positive working relationship with the contractor you hire. Contact us, and together we can make your kitchen remodel an enjoyable and exciting experience.

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