Ideal Entertainment Unit Cabinets from Antoniou Cabinets

December 14, 2022

Having your entertainment system configured properly might mean the difference between enjoyable entertainment and utter annoyance. When building cabinets for entertainment units, we at Antoniou Cabinets ensure to consider the following:

Easy to Move

We consider building a cabinet with wheels so that moving your entertainment cabinet won’t be a chore. It will protect your floors while also making moving them a snap. We also ensure to install levers to prevent the cabinet from rolling by allowing it to rest on the floor and locking it in place.

Secure Glass

Thanks to its glass doors and shelves, your cabinet looks more attractive and sophisticated overall. On the other hand, Ordinary glass is more likely to break, compromising safety for aesthetics. Instead, we use tempered glass, the same material used for mirror wardrobes. Regular glass is subjected to a thermal and chemical process to make tempered glass, often referred to as toughened glass, which increases its shatter resistance. Compared to regular glass, it is often 4–5 times stronger. By creating internal tension and external compression during the glass tempering process, sufficient strength is added. As a result, instead of shattering into sharp shards as conventional glass would, the secure glass will shatter into tiny grains, protecting your heavier goods from tumbling out of the cabinets and getting damaged.

Accommodative Shelves

Components for entertainment systems are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. To fit any system, your entertainment cabinet must have adjustable shelves. You should place the shelves to accommodate a wide range of systems. We are using shelves that can be moved in small levels, like three centimetres at a time. Threaded inserts let you change the shelves’ location as needed.

Cable Management

Crisscrossing connections and tangled cables can ruin your entertainment and are frequently unsightly. Therefore, checking that your entertainment cabinet can accommodate cords without causing tangles is crucial. Some of the essential features we can include in your entertainment cabinets are as follows:

  • Removable panels at the back make it simpler for you to access the components. It makes it easier for you to connect blindly without tripping over cables.
  • Create more channels to give cables passageways so they can flow in a straight line.
  • Connect them using Velcro closures or insulation pockets to protect cables and prevent tangling.

IR Compatible Glass

Every time you operate the entertainment system, you must go to your cabinet and open the doors, which is annoying. Many remote controllers provide infrared signals. Therefore, you’ll need a cabinet with IR-friendly glass because your devices should respond to the signal without opening the cabinet doors. We can guarantee that the glass we’ll use is compatible with IR sensors, so you may use your cabinet with ease, whether you use transparent or tinted glass.

To sum up, the greatest entertainment unit cabinets balance style, usability, and safety. Talk to our experts at Antoniou Cabinets today to learn more about built-in wardrobes, custom entertainment unit cabinets, and other services we offer. Call us at

(03) 9729 9167 or 0411 434 570 for more enquiries.

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