Get Inspired with These Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends for 2023

January 10, 2023

Choosing a colour for your kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be difficult. This year, create a room that is uniquely yours by picking the perfect colour for your custom kitchen cabinets. It might be challenging for some homeowners to choose the colour of the kitchen cabinets due to the abundance of options. That’s why we at Antoniou Cabinets will help you get inspired with the following kitchen cabinet colour trends for 2023.

Timeless White

White has a classic charm and works well in any setting. Other vibrant colours could become drab with use or time, but white never loses its allure. Additionally, white makes a space appear open and vast and has been shown to have the highest resale value of any colour. White may make a room feel bigger, particularly in kitchens with many cupboards. White is a great option for a kitchen that doesn’t have windows or has little space.

Nature Green

We were compelled to interact with nature because, for nearly two years, we were confined to our homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Green also represents nature. Thus, having green kitchen cabinetry promotes tranquilly, peace, and calm. Green also has a good natural appearance. Olive green and light mint green colours look beautiful and give your kitchen space a lively, elegant feel.

Natural Wood Tone

A staggering variety of shapes, grain patterns, hues, and tones are available in wood. Additionally, wood tones effortlessly complement a variety of other materials and colours, allowing you to mix and match your cabinets with other popular trends. Whites provide wonderful contrast when paired with stunning natural wood-tone cabinet finishes, making them stand out and giving off a feeling of the outdoors. Think about using white backsplash tiles or a white wall to accomplish this effect.

Tow-toned Cabinetry

Using two-toned kitchen cabinets, which are now popular, can offer a lot of depth to your kitchen design. Combine natural wood on the edge of the island cabinets with blue or green accents. Alternatively, you might choose various colours for your lower and top cabinets. The appearance of two-toned cabinetry can be achieved using a variety of colours and colour combinations. Blending tones keep your kitchen looking fresher for longer by protecting it from colour fatigue.

Classy Navy Blue

Given that blue has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and elevate mood, you should use it in the kitchen. Choose navy blue, a more sober alternative for using blue in the kitchen, if you don’t want flashy blue. Additionally, navy blue is easier to clean because it does not get as dirty as plain white cabinets. Pairing blue with gold elements will make your kitchen look luxurious.

Go Dark with Black

Black kitchen cabinets never go out of style. Regardless of the other colours, you use in your kitchen, having black cabinets is a great way to pique interest. Because black will seamlessly mix with the other colours, you must choose the appearance you wish to accomplish. If you use too much black, the room will look cramped, so balance it out with crisp white for a timeless, modern aesthetic. Add a splash of vibrant red or green to finish the look. To create a kitchen that feels cold and like a den, combine black with grey and brown.

With the abovementioned advice, you can narrow your options in choosing kitchen cabinet colours and get the desired result. Choose a stylish or timeless appearance, but make sure you adore it.

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