Floating Custom Cabinets: What it is and What Makes it a Great Addition to Your Kitchen?

April 26, 2023

If you’ve been thinking about remodelling your Melbourne kitchen, you may have heard of floating custom cabinets.  Due to a lack of knowledge regarding the precise name of the style or the best way to explain it, many individuals may search through several cabinet design styles until they find the one that suits them.

The way the cabinets are attached to the wall is referred to as a floating kitchen design. Instead of having legs or a base to support them, the cabinets will be wall-hung, giving the impression that they are floating. As floating cabinets don’t reach the floor, there won’t be a toe kick, resulting in a larger, brighter appearance for the room. This design approach can be ideal for you if you want a modern aesthetic with clean lines.

Here are other things you need to know about a floating cabinet, which is a current design trend that is highly popular.

Floating Custom Cabinets Improve Kitchen Accessible

The area underneath floating cabinets makes it possible to move a wheelchair up close to the cabinets, making a kitchen more accessible. Floating cabinets can be the best choice if you or a family member needs an accessible kitchen.

Floating Custom Cabinets Can Make the Kitchen Space Look Smaller

The kitchen space may appear smaller if the cabinets extend to the floor. Installing floating custom cabinets will open it up and make your small, intimate kitchen appear bigger and brighter. You can also put lighting under the cabinets to provide more light to the area.

Strong Walls Are Necessary for Floating Custom Cabinets.

Since they are affixed to the walls, a base does not support floating cabinets. This implies that in some places of the kitchen, a countertop and even a sink must be supported by the walls in addition to the weight of the cabinet. For the cabinets to have the proper support, they must be mounted correctly. Your family must be careful not to place too much weight on the cabinets.

You May Lose Some Extra Storage Space

If you have floating custom cabinets, you might not have as much extra storage space because the foundation would take up more room. You might require extra storage space if your kitchen is small and you want to keep your dishes, appliances, and pantry supplies there.

You’ll Have to Sweep Regularly

Do you have enough time each day to sweep? Most of us don’t have the time to thoroughly clean our homes daily, so it’s okay if you say no. If you have floating custom cabinets, you should carefully keep the space under them spotless. It will be quite evident if you have dirt, debris, or even pet hair accumulating below.

With so many design options, choosing to renovate your Melbourne home may be exciting as well as overwhelming. Floating custom cabinets are a quick and simple way to update the appearance of your kitchen. Contact Antoniou Cabinets to go over this and other options. We can help you build your dream kitchen cabinets that will suit your preference.

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