Benefits of Choosing an Expert Kitchen Cabinet Maker versus An All-Rounder

March 27, 2023

In the past, the only way to get cabinets was to contact local cabinet builders and ask them to make the cabinets you desired. Today, several retailers and hardware stores will be pleased to sell you a flatpack or modular kitchen if you have the time, ability, and resources. However, these “all-rounder” alternatives might produce a very stressful experience due to the lack of customisation and accuracy.

We advise working with a professional kitchen cabinet maker who will create and instal stunning, custom-made kitchen cabinets that will properly fit in your house if you’d like a worry-free experience.

Customised Cabinets Especially Designed for You

Kitchen cabinets are designed and built by cabinet makers just for your house. There is no guarantee that modular or flat-pack cabinets will fit perfectly and function properly. Old or new, only a few houses are completely square and level. To solve these problems, expert cabinet makers build cabinets made to order. Before beginning cabinet construction, most cabinet manufacturers, including Antoniou Cabinets, will send expert craftsmen to measure your area. This will guarantee that your kitchen (or cabinetry) will fit properly.

Another key consideration in decisions is customisation. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on something they don’t really want. Fortunately, a huge variety of supplies and fixtures are available to cabinet manufacturers. Only high-end kitchen specialists can get some of the contemporary stones, laminates, drawer runners, hinges, sinks, and accessories. At Antoniou Cabinets, we provide a vast selection of industry-leading, domestic and international vendors with personalised solutions that will endure the test of time.

Guaranteed Reliability, Warranty and Service

Reliability, warranty, and service are also guaranteed by working with a cabinet maker than an all-rounder. While some may boast extensive warranty claims, the fine print is ultimately what counts. At first look, some furniture powerhouse will claim that up to a 20-year warranty covers their kitchens, but as you read on, you’ll see that this warranty only covers a small number of items and is based on craftsmanship and defects. Some products, such as handles, come with no warranty at all. Most cabinet builders provide lengthy quality assurance and guarantee periods for all of their work.

In the end, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with selecting an all-rounder for your kitchen. If you’re looking for a cheap solution and want something you can buy quickly for your home, this might be the best choice because a kitchen can be a substantial investment. However, hiring a cabinet maker for your cabinetry needs is the best option if you want a custom-built kitchen that you can be sure fits your space and complements your design. Custom cabinets are better than store-bought cabinets in this situation.

Antoniou Cabinets is a family owned business located in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. We are committed to helping you make your dreams a reality with professional and efficient services. With us, you can expect a quality result and exceptional finish to your project. Call us at (03) 9729 9167 or 0411 434 570 to discuss your kitchen cabinet needs.

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