4 Reasons Why Custom Cabinets Are Better Than Store-Bought Cabinets

December 2, 2022

Due to cost and the fact that, whichever option you choose, the cabinets won’t likely be replaced again for many years or even decades, choosing between store-bought and custom cabinets for your kitchen renovation is a significant decision. The installation must also be taken into account because it necessitates precise measurement and hanging to guarantee that the cabinets are lined up correctly and mounted firmly.

In this post, we at Antoniou Cabinets will discuss why custom cabinets are better than store-bought cabinets.


While buying a full set of kitchen cabinets may seem a bit pricey, you might also assume that custom cabinets would be much more expensive when compared to similarly made manufactured cabinets because they would be more expensive to construct. Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by our quotes! We are a family owned company, so we can provide you with a more affordable price because we don’t have the overhead costs of our competitors. According to your specifications, we hand-build custom cabinets. Contrasted with a manufacturing method that repeatedly produces numerous copies of the same cabinet design, custom cabinets take time.


Compared to custom cabinetry, the quality of manufactured cabinets might differ significantly. Some cheap cabinets from the store might be built of the cheapest materials imaginable, like laminated particle board with cheap hardware. When creating custom cabinets, we pay close attention to every detail and choose sturdy, gorgeous wood for your projects. The hardware, which includes roll-out shelves and drawers as well as drawer slides, is of comparable quality to the wood. Additionally, you can request certain features, like a pantry cabinet with slide-out drawers, which may be hard to find in manufactured cabinets. Since each cabinet is sold separately at stores, there are seams between each, whereas we can assemble numerous cabinets for a more appealing installation.

Perfect Fit

Store-bought cabinets offer a ready-made option that might be sufficient in one part of a kitchen. Still, buying enough cabinets to furnish a whole kitchen may be challenging because they are already created to the manufacturer’s specs rather than your kitchen’s size. By obtaining one of our custom cabinets, you can be confident that the cabinets will fit exactly where you need them to, with no uncomfortable gaps or empty spots. With custom cabinets, we can make any imaginative thoughts you have come to life, but with manufactured cabinets, you have to do what you can get.


Although you might be able to acquire premade cabinets that match the kitchen’s design, installation is another issue. If you buy the cabinets from a home improvement store, you can either do the labour-intensive installation yourself or pay extra to hire a contractor to do it.

When installing our custom cabinets at Antoniou Cabinets, we will deal with any nuances, such as an uneven ceiling line necessitating a small modification to make the cabinets appear straight.

Check out our services and call us at (03) 9729 9167 or 0411 434 570, and let’s talk about your ideal kitchen idea. Regardless of your budget, we can come up with something that will satisfy your needs.

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